Maersk’s MCC Reshuffles its Intra Asia Services

Maersk’s intra Asia subsidiary MCC closes its IA3 as of this May. The service deployed 3 vessels on a weekly frequency with an average weekly service capacity of 1,118 TEU. In an attempt to replace parts of the IA3 offer, MCC launches a new Malaysia – Brunei Feeder branded MB-1. This service was inaugurated on 12th May, by the 1,118 TEU vessel MCC SINGAPORE from Tanjung Pelepas. This will be the only vessel deployed on the service and it will run on a fortnightly frequency.

In order to cover the ports of General Santos and Davao, MCC takes slots on APL’s Singapore – Philippines SPX service. MCC starts slotting with the vessel FRANCOISE GILOT on 17th May from General Santos. The service runs on a weekly frequency and is served by 2 vessels of 1,348 TEU.

Furthermore MCC makes adjustments to the following services:

The Pan Asia IA4 service sees the removal of Keelung from its port rotation while calls at Batangas and Manila are added to the rotation on 17th and 18th May respectively by the 2,742 TEU vessel CAPE MORETON. The service rotation time is therefore stretched from 6 weeks to 8 weeks, deploying 8 vessels on a weekly frequency.

The Intra Asia IA5 service sees a modification of its entire port rotation and a stretch of the rotation time from 5 to 6 weeks. IA5 is now served by 6 vessels and has an average weekly service capacity of 1,080 TEU. The vessel BLUE MOON inaugurated the new route on 10th May from Manila.

The entire port rotation of the IA7 service is modified and the rotation time is stretched from 3 to 5 weeks. The service is now served by 5 vessels on a weekly frequency and has an average weekly service capacity of 1,715 TEU. The vessel MAERSK WELLINGTON inaugurated the new rotation yesterday, on 14th May, from Kaohsiung.

The Russia – Indonesia service IA8 sees the removal of Hong Kong and Yantian from its port rotation and the addition of a port call at Ningbo to its rotation. The service is served by 5 vessels on a weekly frequency and a 35 day-rotation. It has an average weekly service capacity of 1,750 TEU and the vessel KALLIROE inaugurates the call at Ningbo on 16th May.

The port call at Manila South is removed from the China – Korea – Philippines service PHI1. The service continues deploying 3 vessels on a 21 day-rotation with an average weekly service capacity of 1,710 TEU.

Keelung is removed from the port rotation of the China – Japan – Philippines service PH4 while a call at General Santos and Batangas is added to the rotation. The Batangas call is inaugurated on 1st June by one of the 5 vessels that operate on the service. It runs on a weekly frequency with a 35 day-rotation and an average weekly service capacity of 1,120 TEU.

The Straits Malaysia service now calls Laem Chabang alternating with Penang. As of 22nd May the service is served by 2 vessels on a weekly frequency with an average weekly service capacity of 1,650 TEU.

NVN5, the straits Vietnam service is reduced from a 21 day-rotation time to a 14 day-rotation time, with 2 vessels deployed. This is a consequence of cutting the port rotation drastically only leaving the ports of Tanjung Pelepas, Singapore, Haiphong and Da Nang. The service has an average weekly service capacity of 1,230 TEU.

IA3 (closed): Tanjung Pelepas – Singapore – Muara – Kota Kinabalu – General Santos – Davao – Tanjung Pelepas

MB-1: Tanjung Pelepas – Singapore – Muara – Kota Kinabalu – Bintulu – Tanjung Pelepas

SPX: Singapore – Tanjung Pelepas (new) – General Santos – Davao – Singapore

IA4: Xiamen – Yantian (Shenzhen) – Hong Kong – Tanjung Pelepas – Singapore – Jakarta – Surabaya – Jakarta – Tanjung Pelepas – Singapore – Batangas (new) – Manila (North) (new) – Hong Kong – Yantian (Shenzhen) – Kaohsiung – Ningbo – Shanghai – Busan – Kwangyang – Vostochny – Busan – Kwangyang – Shanghai – Xiamen

IA5: Manila (South) – Manila (North) – Kaohsiung – Hong Kong – Yantian (Shenzhen) – Ho Chi Minh City – Sihanoukville – Laem Chabang – Ho Chi Minh City – Hong Kong – Shanghai – Vladivostok (Fish port Terminal) – Vladivostok (Dalzavod Terminal)- Tianjin - Qingdao – Shanghai – Kaohsiung – Manila (South)

IA7: Da Nang – Hong Kong – Haiphong – Kaohsiung – Keelung – Hong Kong – Yantian (Shenzhen) – Tanjung Pelepas – Chittagong – Tanjung Pelepas – Da Nang

IA8: Singapore – Tanjung Pelepas – Jakarta – Surabaya – Davao – Shanghai – Busan – Vladivostok – Qingdao – Ningbo (new) – Singapore

PHI1: Davao – Pyongtaek – Dalian – Tianjin – Qingdao – Hong Kong – Davao

PH4: General Santos (new) – Cagayan De Oro – Shanghai – Ningbo – Busan – Vladivostok (fish port Terminal) – Vladivostok (Dalzavod Terminal) – Busan – Osaka – Hakata – Yantian (Shenzhen) – Hong Kong – Batangas (new) – Manila (North) – General Santos (new)

Straits Malaysia: Singapore – Laem Chabang (in alternation with Penang) (new) – Penang (in alternation with Laem Chabang) – Tanjung Pelepas – Singapore

NVN5: Tanjung Pelepas – Singapore – Haiphong – Da Nang – Tanjung Pelepas

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