IRMA is record-setting harmless hurricane, if talking shipping

Hurricane IRMA is weakening with each passing hour, and some provisional results of its’ impact on regional shipping can already be summed up. Strange thing is, there are no results to record, except mass delays, with waiting vessels on high seas, scattered along the boundaries of IRMA path. For more than 10 years I’m monitoring, analyzing and reporting maritime accidents, and I can’t remember any major cyclone, be it hurricane, typhoon or deep depression like severe winter storms in the Pacific or Atlantic, which didn’t find its’ victims. Somebody is always caught – on high seas or in ports - mostly in ports, on approaches and on anchorages. Not this time.
Hurricane HARVEY took its’ toll, in August typhoon HATO devastated Hong Kong waters and claimed several vessels, while IRMA, battering Caribbean waters, ports and dire straits, managed to miss each and every ship around, and there were quite a lot of them. I’m talking of course, about merchant ships, not leisure boats and yachts.
I’ve been watching IRMA youtube video clips, and say, Cuba videos didn’t impress me like “deadly”. I’m living in a tropical country deep into rainy season now, and I watch and experience about the same rain and storms regularly, once a week at least, with local blackouts and floods.
Maybe all of sudden all merchant ships in Caribbean region and Florida became prudent enough to get off IRMA’s way – all hundreds of them? And maybe, IRMA is, as they tell us, a proof of climate change, not in the least thanks to shipping exhaust, warning of future catastrophes, which are sure to come? Maybe, but it may be as well quite a different story, with “record-setting” IRMA being some kind of virtual reality, created by global warming theory adepts. IRMA seems to be “record-setting”, mostly, in propagation, not in reality. What’s not “maybe” but a fact, is the fact, that there’s nothing extraordinary in IRMA and HARVEY, nothing unusual or phenomenal, nothing unheard of. It happened before, it happens now, it will happen again, with ships exhaust or without.
Voytenko Mikhail
September 11, 2017

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