Tsunami of lawlessness – on Peru oil spill story

Italian Aframax tanker MARE DORICUM is kept in detention in Peru, under a threat of $37.5 mil fine if the ship leaves Peruvian waters. MARE DORICUM was unfortunate enough to offload crude oil at Repsol La Pampilla oil terminal, when tsunami, created by Jan 14 Tonga volcano eruption, reached Peru coastline. It’s not even exactly clear what happened, what and where broke off – hose or pipeline or what – but Peruvian authorities were very quick and decisive with accusations and response – Repsol and MARE DORICUM are the culprits. Repsol called to common sense and good judgment, refuting allegations with one good reason – there was no official warning on oncoming tsunami, no order to suspend all cargo operations, nothing was done at all, basically.
Peruvian authorities with ever ready global mainstream media enthusiastic assistance, inflated a rather ordinary spill to a full-scale “ecological disaster” event. It is said, that 6,000 barrels (some 250 tons) of oil were spilled, polluting 3 square kilometers of sea and coast. It’s not an ecological disaster, not even close. In several months max (but most probably, weeks), sea and coast will be clean and pristine – Nature will take care of it. But according to authorities and MSM, Peruvian fishermen, tourism and sea life itself, are under threat. I got it, Peruvian coastline is some 5 kilometers long – or how else 3 kilometers of polluted coastline could jeopardize the whole coastline of the whole country (Peru coastline length by the way, is 2,414 kilometers)? What is exact quantity of oil spilled? We don’t know, we have to trust Peruvian authorities with their 6,000 barrels. Somehow, I feel, that less or much less, quantity was spilled.
No secret at all why Peruvian authorities instigate and keep inflaming, this “environmental disaster” claim – it’s in trend; and it’s a source of a profit they didn’t count on.
Meanwhile, Peruvian waters, specifically Callao waters, have long become the piracy nest, embracing all interested parties – authorities; fishermen and strongmen – robbers. How? Read this – it’s a report, sent to MB by Romanian deck officer in late December last year. Prior to that, several years back, I’ve been receiving complaints from Ukrainian and Russian sailors, arrested and incarcerated in Peru on absolutely false accusations of drug trafficking. There is an unfolding disaster in Peruvian waters, sure, but not “ecological” one. It’s a disaster of lawlessness. Interested may find the “Romanian deck officer report on Callao Anchorage robberies” at MB websites, original and mirror (maritimebulletin.ru mirror site with “Comment” option):

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