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FleetMon Explorer is an outstanding and powerful tool for live AIS vessel tracking. It provides you with a real-time view of marine traffic, from a global overview to single ships. Use FleetMon Explorer for business operations monitoring, fleet tracking, logistics scheduling, research, traffic analysis and much more. The best thing is: It runs right in your browser. Choose between several map types, including satellite and navigational charts

Enjoy a stunning new perspective on the world of ships! Have a look at ships navigating in the port or even offshore, see vessels dock and depart, watch tugs and pilots do their work - FleetMon Explorer stands out offering continuous display without reloading. Find even more details, e.g. arrival or anchorage times for more than 500,000 vessels in our database.

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Monitor Live Operations

Zoom into ports or waterways and watch vessels moving in real time. Every single position update is displayed immediately, without delay or manual reloading. Use FleetMon Explorer for operations monitoring, nautical supervision or traffic surveillance in ports. Vessel dimensions are converted and displayed proportionally to each other and the surroundings.

Traffic Density

Visualize local and global shipping lanes. Determine high-traffic areas in ports and at sea. Select marine traffic routes per vessel type and even combine them. The new Vessel Heat layer enables you to analyze an area concerning its AIS signal amount per pixel.

Your Fleet and Zones

The My Fleet is an easy way to access and monitor the vessels of your interest. Switch on the "User Zones" layer to display your custom drawn zones in FleetMon Explorer.

Extensive Vessel Information

Hover over a vessel to display its tracking info at a glance. Even more vessel details are shown in the compact detail view. Just click on a vessel to view information on its Latest Events, ETA Calculation, Port Calls, Co2 Emissions, and to access the Datasheet.

Weather and Water

Add weather and water conditions to your vessel tracking experience. Choose between “Current”, “Wave” and “Wind” or simply enable all three at the same time.

Past Vessel Tracks

Click on any vessel to display its past track since the last event (last port or journey of the last three days). Hover over the track to look up intermediate times and speed. It has never been easier to gain vivid maritime insights.

FleetMon Vessel Filters

Configure and Share to Your Needs

Enjoy extensive vessel filter components! Gain new maritime insights filtering by Vessel Class, Flag, Length, Speed, Navigational Status, Signal Age and more.

FleetMon Explorer is for exploring! Share your screen with colleagues and friends including all set filters by simply giving them the URL. It just works!

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