Satellite AIS - Space-based Vessel Tracking

FleetMon is proud to bring its users a fascinating new technology. Space based AIS enables seamless global tracking of the world's merchant fleet.

Satellite AIS

Space-based Vessel Tracking

FleetMon combines Terrestrial and Satellite AIS

We are proud to bring a fascinating new technology to our customers. Space-based AIS enables seamless global tracking of the world's merchant fleet.

With its land-based AIS receiver station network, FleetMon provides undelayed signals with superior resolution for vessel tracking and monitoring. Today, FleetMon's antennas offer live coverage of all major waterways and ports, with about 40,000 vessels detected in every single moment. The FleetMon Explorer allows its customers to watch marine traffic and operations live, wherever they are, right in their browser.

The international AIS system, originally developed as a collision avoidance technology, has proven to be an indispensable tool and information source of unrivaled quality for the maritime world.

Additionally, FleetMon has teamed up with partner exactEarth, enabling you to track and follow ships sailing the open seas through satellite AIS technology. Combining high-resolution terrestrial and global space-based tracking in a unique seamless fashion, FleetMon brings you the best in today's AIS tracking!

Maritime Intelligence & Fleet Monitoring

Customers are able to follow ships all around the globe, even on the high seas and remote areas. FleetMon's extensive vessel database and all its advanced research tools are fully satellite-enabled: Port Call Logs, Events, Voyage Report and Schedule tables all benefit from the superior data quality and provide a consistent and complete picture of any ship's behavior, trading patterns and port activities.

Ships of interest can easily be collected in a convenient watchlist, the My Fleet, optionally segmented further by department, project, schedule or other criteria. Together with FleetMon's navigation chart module, weather and sea state forecasting and live monitoring capabilities, this makes FleetMon a turn-key solution for fleet monitoring, suitable for ship owners, managers and more.

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FleetMon's innovative GPS vessel tracking platform seamlessly utilizes the reliability of AIS tracking for FleetMon's global AIS network.

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